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Legislative Report

Like the rest of you I have been watching the deluge of political commercials on television the last few weeks. I’m sure you all can hardly wait for the election November 6th when these commercials go away.  I was particularly interested in the “No on Prop 6” commercial that talked about “Stop the Attack on Bridge & Road Safety”. 300 bridges being unsafe and many of the roads buckling up due to a yes vote on prop 6.

The opponents to prop 6 are basically misleading Californians into thinking that 1000’s of road and bridge repairs will be abandoned if Prop 6 passes.  Wasn’t it Gov Brown who boasted about a 16-billion-dollar budget surplus last June and wouldn’t it be negligent for Brown or his successor to forego repairs to all the “unsafe bridges and roads” even when Prop 6 passes. There is plenty of money to fix the roads & bridges, the hypocrisy is overwhelming.


I’m thinking that Brown needs the extra tax money from SB1 to finance his 100 billion dollar “crazy train to nowhere” or his new plan to spend billions on “Climate Tracking Satellites” or billion-dollar water tunnels. All this in addition to the huge elephant in the room, “unfunded public worker pensions”.


Some folks think that Brown has lost all his marbles and has gone off the rail big time. It’s no secret that 100’s of businesses have left California, including Toyota, Nestle, Aerojet, and others as well 1000’s of people who found it impossible financially to live here or basically got tired of the constant liberal stream of high taxes and unreasonable fees and regulations.


I saw our governor on tv talking about “smart companies will find ways to overcome high taxes, fees, and regulations”. I guess he feels that Nestle, Toyota, Aerojet, and others are stupid…He was also boasting about California being the 7th largest economy in the world. That’s not bad except California used to be the 5th largest in the world…Looks like we slipped a little bit! Unbelievable.


I’m happy to say that a Yes vote on Prop 6 is one positive step in the right direction in taking our state back and I hope you all will join me in voting “Yes on Prop 6” November 6, 2018.

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