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California Bill to Exempt Pre-1983 Vehicles from

Emissions Inspections Removed from Consideration


Legislation (AB 210) A bill to exempt motor vehicles manufactured prior to the 1983 model-year from the state’s emissions inspection requirement was removed from consideration by the bill’s author in order to build additional support for the measure. Current law requires the biennial emissions testing for all 1976 and newer model-year vehicles. The bill had been scheduled for a hearing in the Assembly Transportation Committee on March 25. The legislation will now be eligible for reconsideration by the California legislature in 2020.  An overwhelming response was received from collector car enthusiasts in response to requests for action on this bill.  Thank you to everyone who voiced support.


As most are aware, this has not been the first proposal in recent years attempting to revise the state’s emissions exemption to benefit our hobby. Let’s continue to strengthen our voice now for an even greater impact at the next critical moment. Encourage those you know to become informed and ready for the good fight. Strong opposition to the bill came from:

  • American Lung Association in California

  • Bay Area Air Quality Management District California

  • Air Pollution Control Officers Association

  • Coalition for Clean Air

  • Sierra Club California


AB390 was introduced to rollback AB1824 to allowing law enforcement to issue a "fix-it ticket" as opposed to a $1000.00 fine.


Fines for loud mufflers: AB 1824, sponsored by the Assembly Committee on Budget. This law mandates a fine of up to $1000.00 for vehicles and motorcycles with “modified or excessively loud exhaust or muffler systems.” Previously, violators could avoid the fine if they corrected the problem. 


Although the above “loud muffler exhaust” law was originally introduced to curtail loud motorcycle muffler exhaust it was modified to include motor vehicle muffler exhaust including hot rods; street rods; muscle and classic cars. 

There is a petition to repeal this ridiculous law and get back to allowing anyone ticketed to get a “fix it ticket” that would allow for repairs to be made. The ACCC urges all car guys and gals to go to:


https://www.change.org/p/jay-obernolte-nullify-fines-for-loud-mufflersab-1824-in-california  and sign the petition!




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