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Treasurer-Jo Oberg

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Association of California Car Clubs Legislative Report

We’re about 4 months away from a vote to repeal the gas & car tax. Be sure you’re registered to vote  November 2018. Brown is doing everything he can to try and convince voters that we need the tax so as to continue funding road & highway repair. Brown seems to be, like most politicians, talking out of both sides of his mouth.  It was just June 2018 that Brown reported a 6.1 billion-dollar budget surplus. Seems to me to be plenty of money to do the road repairs unless he spends it on the “Crazy Train To Nowhere”.  Its hard to understand why Brown doesn’t want to go with the will of the people…Didn’t he take an oath to represent all Californians???

This will be a great opportunity to finally vote to repeal both the gas tax and vehicle registration fee increases. In addition, it will introduce a Constitutional Amendment that will mandate that any future tax increases must be voted on by the people of California.

In addition, Brown just endorsed Newsome for governor saying he has nice hair…I don’t know about you but I certainly feel better about Newsome’s qualifications now that he has nice hair.

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