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President-Jim Moore


Vice-President-Art Hardie


Treasurer-Jo Oberg


Secretary-Marie Moore


Sunshine-Barbara Erb


Accessories-Diane Haynes


Newsletter-Sandy Barisic


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Welcome to the El Dorado Early Ford V8 Car Club Website! 

A Message From President Jim Moore...

A reminder that election day is just around the corner and we need to make a concerted effort to get Prop 6 passed.  As you know, Prop 6 would repeal Brown’s SB1 which drastically increased licensing fees and gasoline taxes. Marie and I have acquired a supply of “Yes on Prop 6” signs and materials as Rex’s emails outlined.  I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the signs.  Let us know how many you want.  We have plenty and would like to share them with you to distribute.  We will be carrying the signs with us until election day and will continue to post them where we can, with permission of the private property owners.  Our first sign went up at Mosquito Outfitters at the corner of Main and Broadway….check it out…

Happy Cruisin' Jim Moore, President





Officers & Directors



                     Vice-President-Art Hardie                    Secretary - Maruie Moore             Treasurer - Jo Oberg



                          Accessories -Diane Haynes                  Sunshine - Barbara Erb                  Newsletter - Sandy Barisic

Hope to see you soon...Drive On!


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